What makes iDeals Board completely unique board portal software

The online meeting with a built-in structured process increases the speed and stability of the work of all participants, and the company's management becomes mobile, like its top managers. Therefore, most modern companies move their daily operations into iDeals board management software. Here is about it.

iDeals – digital management for boards

Almost any company faces the need to develop specific board management tools. Effective corporate management is a core business and core competency for some organizations. For others, it is the key to successfully implementing changes and development projects. Meetings and appointments are the main time sink of every leader. Surveys show that managers spend up to 80% of their time at conferences and meetings. The main reason is the inefficient organization of meetings. Therefore, companies look for alternative solutions like board management software. The IT market offers dozens of such solutions, but iDeals is leading.

iDeals board meeting software is designed to automate and conduct collegial advisory bodies, including mechanisms for voting and monitoring the implementation of decisions made, as well as submitting issues for the meeting, agendas, protocols, and instructions. Besides, the software provides well-structured storage for business documents within the corporate network. It allows you to restrict access to folders and individual files according to the company's internal structure. In addition, the system provides ample opportunities for collaborative work with documents, recording events, and integration with videoconferencing systems. Optimization of geographically distributed conferences with the participation of company employees and external subscribers is provided.

How does it function?

The iDeals board portal contains a set of organizational and technological methods and tools that support project management in project offices and help improve the efficiency of their implementation. It allows you to quickly establish the management of projects and programs in government agencies, automating all project participants' work. The software helps to plan and control activities related to board programs, provides an information base focused on storing information at all stages, and ensures a well-structured voting system. Here you can read everything about voting by email board of directors.

This software automates the board meetings ensuring the following capabilities:

  • calendar shaping;
  • formation of the goals of the meeting and the composition of participants;
  • filling agenda items with documents;
  • receiving legally significant decisions remotely;
  • control of the preparation and publication of the minutes of the meeting;
  • formation of extracts on decisions and minutes of meetings with the ability to customize document templates;
  • the possibility of competitive editing by several users of the solution formulations at the stage of coordination with versioning support;
  • full-text search by documents in formalized data and texts of documents;
  • service functions: correction of input errors, reassignment, and cancellation of operations; email alerts, manual and automatic delegation;
  • getting feedback from participants.
  • How can you benefit from using the iDeals board portal?

    Thus, the time for creating the final materials of the meeting is reduced; the efficiency of preparing the meeting minutes and knowledge management is increased. The results of the board system can be scaled to different levels of meetings without the need for additional resources. iDeals board portal allows you to control all project proposals, applications, and passports through the generated registers and monitor the project status in real-time. All information is collected in one place, and any employee with the appropriate access rights can view details or statistics.